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The Museum "Secrets of Underground Odessa"

The concept of the museum is as follows: starting off on the surface, one goes deeper and deeper into the catacombs – further and further into the history of our city, discovering lots of exciting things.

About the Object

“Secrets of Underground Odessa” is the main museum of the project, located near the central bus station, at the address: 3-b, 2-nd Razumovskyi lane. It is a monument of local significance “Catacombs of the Moldavanka District”.

The museum presents the history of various events that took place in the catacombs of the city. It took us much time and effort to clear the place, organize the route, and design the exhibitions. But we don’t stop for now – we continue implementing new ideas.

What you can see at the tour

  • Nuclear fallout shelter – the “Cold war” subject;
  • Stalker – the subject of Post-Apocalypse;
  • Mining – the history of development of technologies and quarrying;
  • Geology – features of the local region;
  • The island of loving ones – the subject of sensory deprivation, biorhythms, impact of sun, etc.;
  • Partisans’ camp – the subject of the partisans’ movement during the World War II, their everyday life and realia of the period;
  • Underground school – education during the period of defense of Odessa;
  • Catacomb church – the history of religious persecution and schism in church;
  • Prisoner – the history of slave trade;
  • Criminals’ camp – the history of crime, their connection with the undergrounds, legends of the past.

In between the exhibitions – the subjects of revolution in Odessa, porto-franco (free trade zone), smuggling, treasures and other findings and discoveries.


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How to get there


198, 208, 8, 124


3-b, 2-nd Razumovskyi lane.



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