Chain of Museums "Secrets of Underground Odessa"

Project “Secrets of Underground Odessa” represents a chain of museums located in separate catacombs of the city, widely different and conceptually complementing each other.

Having visited one of the museums, you will learn only a part of the great history of the underground in our city. Having seen them all, you will learn how amazing and multi-sided the underground world of Odessa is.

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Secret of Underground Odessa

Address: 2nd Rozumovsky Lane, 3-b

Kantakuzen’s Catacomb

Address: st. Bunina, 7

"Caves and Labyrinths"

Address: Str. Babel 4

The project “Secrets of underground Odessa” lives and develops with the efforts of the collective of the Public Organization Foundation for the Study and Preservation of the Heritage of Odessa “Memory”.
With the assistance of friends and like-minded people who love their city and its history.

  • For history fans - a great feast of history, great guide Igor with outstanding English level. Different stories about miners, kidnappers, soldiers, prisoners, builders, no senses area, alcohol tasting, possible venue for unplugged concerts, great overall experience, stylish decor everywhere, easy t... More..
  • Great place, very informative guide.
  • We just finished the tour with Victoria. It was super interesting and we can highly, highly recommended! Take warm close and comfortable shoes.
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