Сеть музеев «Тайны подземной Одессы»

Проект “Тайны подземной Одессы”
представляет сеть музеев находящихся в отдельных катакомбах города, совершенно разных и концептуально дополняющих друг друга.

Посетив один из музеев вы познаете только часть большой истории подземелий нашего города. Пройдя их все вы узнаете насколько велик и многогранен подземный мир Одессы.


Тайны подземной Одессы

Адрес: 2-й Розумовський переулок, 3-б

Катакомба Кантакузена

Адрес: ул. Бунина, 7

Пещеры и лабиринты

Адрес: Ул. Бабеля 4

Проект «Тайны подземной Одессы» живет и развивается усилиями коллектива Общественной организации Фонд изучения и сохранения наследия Одессы «Память».
При содействии друзей и единомышленников, любящих свой город и его историю.

  • This is more than just a walk into the catacombs under the city. Reasonably priced for an informative two hour tour and history lesson. Our guide was very knowledgeable as well as entertaining. During the hottest part of the summer heat, this is a great option.
  • Well organized tour. If you are a non Russian/Ukrainian Speaker then make sure to call in advance and book a private tour otherwise you'll be bored as you'll understand very little. Tour times are 10 AM, 2PM and 5 PM. For group tours it's 250 grivna per person. Private tours are 1,500 grivna. It's ... Весь отзыв
  • A must visit in Odessa showing the war times. The tour was in the summer, however, the weather was pretty cool inside. Only issue is was the tour times as I could not find much info in the internet. A private English tour may cost around 500 with a local guide but you have to bargain with them. High... Весь отзыв
  • These former limestone quarries are really a must in Odessa (there are several of them around the city stretching for tens of kilometres). You may visit this one with the excursion. It is not physically demanding and the helmet is provided in case taller people would hit the ceiling. Guides are real... Весь отзыв
  • Vladimir was very helpful since I arrived at the location. The tour lasted more than 2hours in which he explained very well all the history from the catacomb. He kindly answered all our questions. Afterwards he called a taxi for me as I don't speak Ucranian. Beautiful Tour. I will take a jacket next... Весь отзыв
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