Excursion to catacombs

The time of 2.5-3 hours, a distance of over a kilometer

You will see the expositions:

  • Fallout shelter – the theme of “Cold War”
  • Stalker – postApocalypse.
  • Before and after logging in – the theme of “Mine case, the construction of the city, the catacombs growth, etc.”
  • Island lovers theme of psychology, anatomy, biorhythms, sun, etc. influence
  • Partisan parking – the theme of WWII partisan movement, their way of life and the realities of the time
  • Catacomb Church – history of persecution and split the church.
    The prisoner – the history of the slave trade.
    The criminal environment – the history of crime, their relation to the dungeons, the legends of the past.

In the intervals between exposures disclosure of the revolutionary Odessa, a free port (smuggling), treasures and other finds.

Экскурсия в катакомбы Одессы, Катакомбы Одессы